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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Gayest Area of Barcelona Fills You With Sensations

Barcelona stands out for being a dynamic, multicultural, integrationist city. A city that houses
innumerable restaurants, night-time leisure spots and hotels focused on the gay and lesbian sector, the majority of which are located in the area known as the Gaixample, in the distinctive, characteristic Eixample district, one of the city’s urban wonders. It is precisely in this area where the Soho Hotel is located, a warm, welcoming establishment that surprises one with its spaces full of contrasts and the sensations that guests experience.

Hotel Soho, a project designed for the most youthful and cosmopolitan spirits, is a living space that has the capacity to transform and adapt itself to its guests. The moiré effect has inspired the decoration, turning the different spaces into a curious enigma, like a continuous game of hide-and-seek. The
retro-style furniture designed by Verner Panton, reminiscent of the pop style of the ‘60s, is an essential part of the interior design project that lends the hotel a sophisticated air thanks to its skilful combination of styles. The Soho Hotel is a reference as much for the gay sector as for fashion, music or latest trend professionals, on account of its original and surprising look.

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