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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lyman-Eyer Gallery Provincetown re: Male Figure & Floral Paintings by Joseph Fanelli

The Lyman-Eyer Gallery Provincetown is pleased to present the solo exhibition of new male figure and floral oil paintings by openly gay artist, Joseph Fanelli.

"As always the primary focus of my work is Beauty and whether it is a figure or floral, the first subject is always light.  The light and its shadows create not only the space, volume and "plastic reality " of the piece but also inform the eye of the density, texture and even the temperature of the subject. One can sense the feel of the muscle in an arm or the soft flesh of a rose petal all through a sensitive visual recording of the light and the way it falls, envelops or flows over the subject.  The paintings in this seasons show are all a continuation of my visions of beauty and the use of light and brushwork to express that vision.  Specifically this grouping seems to show a focus on the subject outdoors and the excitement found in the full reflected light of Cape Cod."

This exhibition will be on view from July 8-20 with the opening reception Friday July 8 at 7PM in Provincetown.  Please visit the gallery web site at to see more of the fine art by Joseph Fanelli.

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