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Monday, March 28, 2011

Chad D Releases "Ask & Tell"

Chad D, an LGBT rapper, is changing the world one song at a time. With his self-styled sound, Neo Pop – a mix of pop, rap, dance and rock with a lyrical style, Mr. D is getting ready to launch is debut album.

I want you to know – you matter. There is a place for you in this world. If you are 12, you may not realize that, but get excited for the future and what you can discover. If you are 35, life may be slowing down or even becoming boring – that can change. Let me inspire you to be happy. If you are 76, life can be beautiful and filled with joy. It is always possible to be at peace with yourself and others. We can all learn this and apply it. That is how we can change the world. This is my way of changing the world," says Chad.

In his latest video, "Ask & Tell", Chad D lets loose on DADT. "It's the opposite of Don't Ask Don't Tell - we should be able to Ask and Tell and not have to hide. Our LGBT service men and women deserve the same rights as straight members. I want to use my voice to change things for the better and help reach total equality," he states.

The video is great, take a look:

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