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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Model Alton Willoughby Joins With First Transgender Producer/Writer

Former 2006 Ebony/Jet Calendar model, Alton Willoughby, teams up with First African American Transgender Author, Toni Newman, to write a Screenplay called "The Erotic Professionals." The Erotic Professionals Screenplay is currently being shopped around now with some financing and top film director Keith Holland already attached to the project.  This would be the first screenplay to be produced and written by a Transgender Producer and Writer.

Alton appeared in the Ebony/Jet Swimwear Calendar in 2006 and is a fitness model and appeared in the Movie Phat Girlz with comedian Monique.

Toni Newman wrote I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman and is the first African American Transgender to write a memoir.  The book has beautiful pics of me and women and some awesome stories. The Forward of the book is written by Dr. Marc Weiss, Columbia University Professor and worked in the Clinton Administration and is President of Global Urban Organization.   Dr. Maya Angelou inspired Toni Newman while a student at Wake Forest University, class of 1985.

The agent to the book I Rise is Kevin Hogan at 310.666.6468


  1. I heard there were celebrity names in the book and some really pretty pics in the book as well

  2. Yes she has been polygraphed I heard by ex US secret service agent who worked for President JF Kennedy. I also found the webpage about the book and the Transgender.

    I did see 3 pics of the guys and they were really beautiful especially the guy named james

    I heard the rapper was on a cbs show.

    Cant wait to hear the whole story about all this and see all the pics and stuff

  3. i just saw this in dc this weekend on gay webpage and was amazed to see african american transgender who wrote a book and wrote a screenplay.

    I mean i am transgender as well and never met another transgender like me doing something like this.

    I saw the cover of the book and a few pics and mad hot.

    I wanna see more and definitely wanna hear about the rapper.

    So many rappers love the transgender ladies on the down low.

    publish more about the transgender please.

  4. i just got this link from black gay gossip site

    this alton willoughby is really really hot guy on this blog

    Toni Newman was really transgender street walker homeless who posed for playgirl magazine and was a fitness model, damn that is crazy.

    i wanna read this book for sure

    how do i get the book for real

  5. yeah i heard the rapper is trying to block the story
    some secrets we want to always be a secret

    but if you do it shouldn't you own it

    i mean i was told what you do in the dark be prepared when it hits the light

    i dont know many transgenders at all but being gay black male i only see them in clubs and stuff

    but this black transgender sounds mad cool
    wake forest graduate and doing law school and writing a book and screenplay

    did you see the playgirl layout of the transgender when she was male fitness model
    i mean what a body and then went transgender

    i been working out for years and never have had a body like that and she gave it away to become female
    what a transformation

    wow that is crazy how she took 1 body and turned it into another body

    she is trying to show different side of that community and applause to her

    polygraphed by secret service guy who protected president kennedy sounds awesome

    this book will do well

    congratulations toni newman and alton willoughby

    i wish you mad success

  6. wow i just saw this on internet and was totally impressed with this. i am straight white male married guy who have always been fascinated with transgenders. i have seen them on streets and hanging out but never in a regular setting like a business or bank or something like that.

    i would love to read the book and see the screenplay about their lives.

    i must admit i live in an affluent community in los angeles and most of the married men i know are fooling around with someone.

    are we all capable of bisexuality at any given moment under the right circumstances

    transgenders resemble women so closely

    interesting conversation

    this article got me to thinking

    i guess that is what it is about
    get us thinking


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