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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who Doesn’t Want Their Pet to Become Famous?

A new internet mall is looking for a Mascot to promote its site.  But, this isn’t your typical develop a mascot approach!  No, what the site,, wants to do is run a Mascot Contest and ask customers and its community to submit pictures of their pets.  Then the community will vote on which pet should be the Mascot.  The only criteria for voting is that you like the pet the best.  A pet can be a cat, dog, goldfish, lizard, snake, cow—you got it, any animal someone keeps around and feeds and takes care of.

Send a photo of your beloved furry, fuzzy or slimy friend and a brief description of why your pet should be the Mascot for LGBTprosper.  Does your pet have any special or specific skills, tricks, or abilities that make it more qualified to be the winner?  The site is asking for no more than 300 words to describe this.  Photos become the property of LGBTprosper and will not be returned unless this is worked out before submission of the photo(s).

The site will obtain the rights from the winner to use pictures and renditions (avatars, drawings, etc.) of the pet for their marketing, advertisements, and public relations purposes.

The submissions and voting will happen simultaneously.  That is, people will be able to submit pictures from December 15, 2010 until December 31, 2010.  Voting may happen anytime during that time and up until January 10, 2011.  That way, voters will be able to see who is ahead and campaign for their pet to win on the community page of the site.  People may vote one time every 24 hours.

View current entries and submit your pet into the LGBTprosper Mascot Contest here

The site also plans to provide participants with a link to share their pet’s portfolio with family and friends via email, facebook, twitter and other ways.

Visitors will be able to view pet photo(s) and vote for their favorites.  The winner by popular vote will be immortalized forever as the new LGBTprosper Mascot.

 Go to for more information on the contest and contest rules.

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