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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Boycott By the AFA....Yawn

The radical homosexual agenda is big business for right wing organizations like the American Family Association. Their new target: Home Depot.

They just launched their boycott today!

Said AFA president Tim Wildmon, “The Home Depot, through any number of its affiliates, has given its money and its name to gay pride parades and festivals. We’ve appealed to them to stay neutral in the culture wars, but they are determined to keep using their influence to push the normalization of homosexual behavior. Everyone of these pride events pushes the recognition of homosexual marriage, so The Home Depot has clearly chosen sides on that issue.”

Home Depot has obviously decided to stay true to their mission of creating and supporting workplace diversity.

Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said, “At the end of the day here, we’re not going to...forbid our associates to be involved in these pride festivals in any way.”

Holmes said, speaking for The Home Depot, “The bottom line is, it (remaining neutral) just runs counter to our inclusive culture...and that’s where we stand.”

Company’s that try to negotiate with the AFA will never meet their demands unless they entirely get out of the LGBT market. Companies should be prepared to receive as well as respond to emails from AFA supporters with a simple message:  we respect all of our customers regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” stated Wes Combs, President and Co-Founder of Witeck-Combs Communications.

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