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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Take Action on ENDA Now!

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which was originally planned for a House vote in September or October of this year, then November, is now expected to be voted on in February 2010. This timing is particularly problematic because it would put ENDA into the Senate at a very difficult time for most Senators: a major legislative logjam, a major jobs initiative, midterm election campaigns, and a promised Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal.

"ENDA is a powerful piece of legislation that will prohibit workplace discrimination based on an employee's sexual orientation or gender identity under federal law, and is necessary because it is still legal to fire a person based on their sexual orientation in 29 states, and in 38 states it is legal to do so based on gender identity.  The time has come for all workers to receive equitable treatment under the law," said Justin G. Nelson, Co-Founder and President of the NGLCC.

The House Committee on Education and Labor is responsible for moving ENDA out of committee and onto the floor of the House of Representatives. Committee Chairman George Miller of California has stated that the bill is being held to vet language that has been vetted for years.

We encourage you and your members to reach out to Chairman Miller encouraging him to take immediate action on ENDA.  His office can be reached at 202-225-3725.

To learn more about ENDA and NGLCC's complete slate of legislative advocacy, please visit

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