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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Advocate: Dueling Thoughts

Yesterday, ex-editor of The Advocate wrote a scathing letter in The Huffington Post regarding the editorial direction of the iconic mag. You be the judge.

"What the hell happened? What colossal cluster of f-ups managed to devastate a magazine that was so important even ten years ago that every serious news media in the world turned to it for back up sourcing when covering gay issues?"

Ironically, Paul Colichman, CEO of Here Media wrote a letter
to his readers. In it he states:

Dear Valued Readers,

Fourteen months have passed since Here Media 
integrated the Advocate and Out brands into 
our company. As we are about to release 
our year-end issues, I thought it a good time 
to share our vision regarding these venerable 
and iconic properties.

Now today, Paul Colichman, CEO of Regent Media, responds 


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