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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oral Arguments Heard Today in Case to End Florida's Adoption Ban

The ACLU LGBT Advocacy Project attorneys urged Florida's Third District Court of Appeal today to support the ruling from Judge Cindy Lederman granting two brothers the right to stay with their gay adoptive parent. Judge Lederman's ruling in November 2008 overturned a 31-year-old Florida Statute that bans gay, lesbian, and bisexual Floridians from adopting. Martin Gill, the foster parent that was awarded custody of the children, has cared for the boys for nearly five years.

"Florida's law harms children by shrinking the pool of otherwise qualified, safe, secure and loving homes simply on the basis of sexual orientation. Florida's children deserve permanent forever homes." said Cathy James, founder and board member of Securing Our Children's Rights, Inc. (SOCR).

As we announced in July, SOCR will partner with the ACLU on a grass-roots public awareness campaign of Florida's ban on adoption by gay, lesbian and bi-sexual Floridians. The campaign will be a series of five events around the state aimed at training participants to communicate effectively about the harmful Florida adoption ban and why it must be repealed.

About the ACLU Foundation of Florida's LGBT Advocacy Project
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The ACLU Foundation of Florida's LGBT Advocacy Project has worked since 2005 to protect the legal rights of Florida's LGBT community and is the leading organization protecting gay kids from discrimination and harassment. For additional information, visit our web site at:

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