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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evangelical leader says Christians should apologize for mistreatment of gay Americans

Open Letter From Brent Childers, Executive Director, Faith in America

We have some very exciting news to share as a prominent evangelical leader has published a very favorable review of CRISIS in a mainstream Christian publication.

In the review entitled "Church-based Hate" and published in today's edition of Christian Century, Dr. David Gushee concludes Christians should apologize for treatment of gay Americans.

Dr. Gushee is a Christian ethicist at Mercer University in Atlanta, author and well-respected member of the evangelical community.

It is our hope you'll share this review with the many people who can gain understanding from Dr. Gushee's words.

His words at this point in 2009 are monumental.

When Mitchell Gold began developing CRISIS in 2007, it was his hope that it could be used to show Americans - particular communities of faith - the harm that is caused when religious teaching is misused to promote a societal climate of condemnation, discrimination and violence toward our community. Our work at Faith In America shows that when people understand that harm, their hearts and minds change.

Over the last several months, we have observed important victories in judiciaries and legislatures.

But those victories will pale compared to the victories we are seeing in the hearts and minds of more and more Americans.

Dr. Gushee was made aware of the harm - and he was moved.

His words are yet another signal that the religion-based bigotry and prejudice that for so long has used against us is today being rejected just as it has in the past when used against other minorities.

When that happens - just as it did in those past instances - the wall of discrimination before us will disappear and it will never again return.

Read the review

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