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Monday, January 19, 2009

Editorial Comment/Statement from the Founder of

Re: Pastor Rick Warren vs. Reverend Gene Robinson Inauguration Roles

Yesterday, held a very successful protest outside of Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church with our guest speaker, Robin Tyler and her lawfully wedded wife, Diane Olson. We believe that Pastor Warren delivering the invocation at the Presidential inauguration is both insulting to the gay community as well as harmful. While we firmly believe President-Elect Obama's message that we can only bridge our differences by communicating with people that we don't always agree with, Pastor Warren's participation at an event that is meant to unite and not divide would appear, however unintentionally, to give validation to his dangerous views that gay marriage is like child molestation or incest.

When openly-gay Reverend Gene Robinson was invited to speak at the kick-off party for the inauguration, it was meant to be an olive branch to the gay community. While delivering a prayer at a rock concert is a far cry from delivering the invocation at the inauguration, it was intended to mend fences. Imagine my dismay when I returned home from our peaceful protest to find that Reverend Robinson's prayer of peace had not been broadcast by HBO. They are claiming that they were asked to keep the prayer as part of the unaired "pre-show" by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

The gay community deserves and is demanding an explanation for this insult and omission from both HBO and the Presidential Inaugural Committee. At the very least, it shows a shocking lack of foresight and consideration for a significant percentage of the nation's citizens and their loved ones, and we deserve and demand an apology. We aren't going anywhere and the number of people who support us is growing and these insults will no longer go unaccounted for and unnoticed.

All the best,

Josh Einsohn, Founder

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